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Is Your Child Stressed?

Is Your Child Suffering from Stress?I read an interesting article that children today are showing signs of stress. I couldn't believe what I was reading from a reputable health website that I frequent in my research. That is ridiculous that our children have to deal with something that has been in our adult life. Stress can cause so many physical and mental illnesses and it's part of our everyday lives. So, that brings me to my original question, do you know if your child is suffering from stress? Do You Know the Signs of Stress?It can be hard to look at your child and wonder how they are affected by the elements of life. Stress is a big part of our adult lives! Adults surveyed by the "WebMD Stress in Children Consumer Survey" showed 1 out of every 5 parents surveyed rated their stress level at the maximum 10 out of 10. Our stress as adults will affect our children. How do you recognize stress in your child? Arguing more with siblings or other children Crying or whi…

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