Are You An Energy Drink Junkie?

I wanted to talk about energy drinks today because so many people I know are hooked on these blasts of energy. We all have days when we need help with our energy levels however, increasing your energy level in a healthier fashion is optimum.The current news is that there have been 13 deaths linked to energy drinks. The main ingredient in the energy drinks is caffeine. It's amazing but one 5 Hour Energy Extra Strength Drink has 242 milligrams of caffeine compared to an 8 ounce Starbucks coffee which only has 165 milligrams. Check out this article 13 deaths linked to energy drink.

Okay, so you want to have more energy right? Then quit being a couch potatoe! Do some exercise, eat healthy and take some health supplements that will give you the energy your lacking. Don't rely on a magical drink that will give you energy for only 5 hours. I know about low energy levels because I've lost a total of 200 lbs and talk about no energy! Let me share with you a fact that eating healthy will definitely give you the right balance of vitamins, minerals & nutrients which are essentials to feeling great and you'll have plenty of energy! Eating healthy can even help you handle stress better as well. 
Remember eating healthy doesn't mean you go on a diet which is a temporary fix. You need to make a lifestyle change and get healthy which starts by your eating habits. So, get started today and make that change to live a healthier life. Click Here to read this interesting article breaking news this week regarding several energy drinks on the market today! 

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