Is Your Child Stressed?

Is Your Child Suffering from Stress?

I read an interesting article that children today are showing signs of stress. I couldn't believe what I was reading from a reputable health website that I frequent in my research. That is ridiculous that our children have to deal with something that has been in our adult life.

Stress can cause so many physical and mental illnesses and it's part of our everyday lives. So, that brings me to my original question, do you know if your child is suffering from stress?

Do You Know the Signs of Stress?

It can be hard to look at your child and wonder how they are affected by the elements of life. Stress is a big part of our adult lives! Adults surveyed by the "WebMD Stress in Children Consumer Survey" showed 1 out of every 5 parents surveyed rated their stress level at the maximum 10 out of 10. Our stress as adults will affect our children. How do you recognize stress in your child?
  • Arguing more with siblings or other children
  • Crying or whinning
  • Appear worried or anxious
  • Headaches
  • Stomachaches
  • Nightmares or trouble sleeping
  • Decreased appetite or changes in eating habits
The above list is probably not an exhausted list there may be other ways that your child is suffering from stress however, the above signs are the most common. In younger children don't say their stressed or can they explain what they're feeling but they just feel relaxed and happy. Physicians feel that there can be other symptoms that show up in the physical and behavioral if some of it might  be coming out in the physical and behavioral issues the parents are reporting.”
Whether parents realize it or not, stress among kids is common believe it or not!

I came across a great video and website that I would like to share with all of you. Visit and watch the video presented. Let me know with a comment on this post if it was helpful.

It can be very hard for a parent to hear their child articulate that their under stress. However, the stress may be coming out in their child's physical and behavorial issues that the parent has noticed. Did you know that 1  in 5 parents (20%) said that their child had undergone behavioral counseling or therapy. Amazing, that the statistics are so high for children. I just think about what will happen to those children that do suffer from stress at a young age when they become adults!
It makes sense that children go through stress because Adults have an enormous amount of stress. Let's look at some of the sources of stress that affect your child!

What Are the Sources of Stress?

Many studies have been conducted with parents and very interesting results are documented. Did you know that while about half of parents ranked school/homework (53%) and friends (51%) as the primary sources of their children’s stress, a key source of anxiety for children appears to be their environment at home. This really doesn't surprise me. Many families have been going through tough times and 60% of parents have reported at least one major stressful event has affected their family in the past year.

It's no wonder our children are suffering from stress their picking up on and absorbing our stress. The stress that adults endure is going to spill over onto our children. It's hard for parents to relax and spend time with our children with everything that is happening or that we're having to deal with on a daily basis. Wake up parents, you need to recognize that your stress levels are affecting not only you, but your children, too.”

One form of stress that our children may go through today is Bullying. An amazing 38% of parents reported that their children had experienced bullying or teasing in the last year. Kids who are bullied seem to be having a particularly hard time at home: 51% of their parents rate their stress levels an 8 or 10. This must stop and those that bully need to be stopped. So, parents if your child is bullying other children, you need to get help for your child.

Visit WebMD today and check out the full article about stress and your child!

Kids and Stress

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